Braces_Girl_6.jpg Our desire is to provide the finest orthodontic care to the patients who seek our services, starting with the first phone call to our office and extending throughout their entire experience with us. This goal requires a commitment to excellence and an ongoing renewal of our efforts on a daily basis to serve our patients and to surpass their expectations in every way possible.

The doctors and staff of White, Greer & Maggard are a team of people dedicated to service, excellence in technical care and innovation in the orthodontic profession. Our goal is to provide our patients with the health and esthetic benefits they seek but also a new sense of improved dental awareness that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. This extends to taking pride in their oral hygiene and a continuing commitment to maintaining their beautiful smiles with their dentist or pediatric dentist.

Please enjoy our website as you learn a little about your potential orthodontic problem and the friendly approach we extend to the patients who seek our care. The doctors and staff have a wide background of clinical experience and a long history of dedicated service to central and southeastern Kentucky. Whether it be addressing the slightest concern in minor orthodontic movement or diagnosing significant dentofacial growth anomalies or creating the prettiest smiles you see in the community, we work hard to attain your goals in the shortest, most affordable and most professional manner possible. We have developed state-of-the-art facilities and modern orthodontic techniques to maximize your comfort during your patient experience. We encourage our patients to develop the same pride in their treatment that we take in providing that care. The reputation we command in the community is directly related to the amount of effort we place in meeting these goals and principles as outlined above. Our mission, simply put, is to be, and provide, the finest level of service and technical excellence in the field of orthodontics.